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"I love her sense of excitement for the love that all of us can have and her passionate reminder of the intrinsic worth we already have that entitles us to the true best of everything.”'  

Tama Kieves, best-selling author of INSPIRED & UNSTOPPABLE: Wildly Succeeding in Your Life’s Work!

"An inspiring story that reminds us that the life of our highest and best dreams is attainable! Marisa shows us that loving ourselves, healing our past, thinking positive and never giving up will help us to create a life that we love living.."

Janis Shanks

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“Your workshop helps clients on a personal and professional level.  Your words of encouragement are PRICELESS! Thank u so much for your workshop."


Guadalupe Reyes

Christian Community Service Center – JobNet  

You Deserve It Retreats:

"The content of the sessions…..beautiful….closing ceremony VERY SPECIAL…felt more full of love received….and joy of giving and receiving love." 


Beta Fox


"What a delight it was to share more than a few laughs with you at our fall luncheon last week!  The spirit of the message you brought to us truly lifted the spirit of all present! A sense of great fun and wellbeing was everywhere among us." 


Carmen Finn

The M.D. Anderson Cancer Center Retirees Association thanks you for that experience."


10 Things You Don't Know About Me:

1.  I have relatives in Italy and Sweden.

2.   I rode the “bull” and sang on stage at Gilley’s (Urban Cowboy fame) in Pasadena, Texas..

3.   I can imitate a tall squawking bird.

4.   I raised three children on a waitress wage.

5.   I'm a lifetime member of Weight Watchers (WW).

6.   I once drove from Houston to Wyoming to visit a boyfriend.

7.   I could never quite master roller or ice skating.

8.   I've ziplined in Jamaica and snorkeled in Maui.

9.   My first job was gift wrapping in a clothing store at 16 years old.

10. I took hula dancing lessons.


But my professional life in the spiritual and helping arena started at Unity of Houston when I came on staff in 1992, went through the education program at Unity Institute and became a Licensed Unity Teacher in 2001. I also trained to be a Certified Laughter Leader through the World Laughter Tour under Dr. Steve Wilson and spread the message of the healing benefits of laughter around the Houston area. Encouraged by sound professionals to use my voice, I created an inspirational message CD--High Reminders in 2008, 14 short higher thought inspirational messages with corresponding quotes and affirmations.  Inspired by my healing journey of searching for love, I authored my book, You Deserve It, under the pen name, Marisa Bellami and from there created workshops and retreats based on the concept of learning to love and honor ourselves while learning to focus and manifest what our deep desires are by dispelling false beliefs that have held us back from allowing our good to manifest. You can find my stories in Hot Chocolate for the Mystical Lover by Arielle Ford and Always Hope by Cindy Cline.

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