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Hello!  I am glad you are here!  My life is dedicated to being happy and to having YOU be happy and fulfilled in YOUR life--whether that be peace of mind, work that you love, that loving relationship or all of this and MORE!


My journey started out rough, with a whole slew of false and negative beliefs about myself, God or Creator, however you refer to your higher power, love relationships and life, created by the conditioning I received as a child 


But something inside me knew there was a greater Truth and I transformed by hearing the spiritual truths at my spiritual home, New Thought center--Unity of Houston.  It was there that I learned to love myself, that I was a unique and precious child of the Creator, as YOU ARE!   And the more I embodied and knew this truth, the happier I became and my life and the life of my children changed into one of happiness and prosperity!  All because of knowing the Truth and changing my beliefs! 


Through the various services I offer, I will empower you in knowing the Truth for you and in turn assist you in changing your life to the life of your desires!  Check out the headings below for more detail on how I can support YOU!

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Spiritual Coaching for Self-Love and Self-care!

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You Deserve It Book, Speaking, Workshops and Retreats!

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Humor and Laughter Workshops and Sessions!

Through my spiritual memoir, I show you how we can learn from our past, change neural pathways to form new positive and empowering beliefs and live a fulfilled life!  I will bring this message to your group, present expanded workshops on self-love and self-care and manifesting your desires and lead you in self-discovery at a You Deserve It Retreat!

We are born in innocence, living in the moment, loving and laughing, letting our true self of joy and love shine through!  But the world knocks us around and most of us began to be influenced by the media, comparing ourselves to others or thinking we don't measure up  The Truth is that your uniqueness is who you are and is magnificent!  I will help you embody that Truth!

The world needs joy and laughter now more than ever!  We are born with joy and we can express that joy, especially in a safe place, such as a laughter yoga class.  Invite me to your next meeting and together we will reconnect with the joy within and with each other as we feel the love and light that we are merge with others in the group!

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