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Christina Maria Conner

Speaking Topics

From Shackles to Mountains - This talk is for anyone who feels stuck because they don't believe they can attain their dreams or desires. The shackles are the false or negative beliefs that can be changed to life-affirming thoughts and visions of attaining the mountains (aspiring desires) you yearn for.

Living Lighter With Joy and Laughter - This talk reminds you of your innate joy and how expressing it will make your life happier and healthier because of the proven scientific benefits of positivity, humor and laughter. It includes an interactive laughter session as I am a trained Certified Laughter Leader.

You Deserve It - This talk is based on my book, You Deserve It, A True Story of Learning to Say No in Order to Say Yes to Big Love, under my pen name, Marisa Bellami - This talk is for women, reminding them of their Divine worth and to have a Big Love for themselves!

Contact me at or 281-701-9657

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Click on photo to watch my latest presentation, Life Journeys: Life Purpose?


"What a program! Wonderful! It was very well received from the comments during lunch and the requests for such a program at their organizations, myself included."  Roslyn Waehter - Program Chairman, Parkinson Foundation of Harris County.

"What a delight it was to share more than a few laughs with you at our fall luncheon last week! The spirit of the message you brought to us truly lifted the spirit of all present! A sense of wellbeing was everywhere among us." Carmen Finn - The M.D. Anderson Cancer Center Retirees Associaiton

"Your worshop helps clients on a personal and professional level. Your words of encouragement are PRICELESS!"       Guadalupe Reyes - Client Services Connector, Christian Community Center

Hawaii 2022 Retreat:

"Excellent job on all aspects of the retreat! Great learning and relaxation opportunities, enjoyed the connections made with other attendees."  

"Beaches and more beaches! Sailing! Beauty and nature were all around!"

"Lodging excellent. Retreat center was beautiful, clean, comfortable and well-maintained."

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